Payment for your session is expected at the time of the appointment. Checks and PayPal accepted.


       A Super Bill, which includes all needed information for processing your insurance claim, will be provided for you to bill your insurance company. In order to protect the quality of your therapy and your confidentiality, I am not a provider on any insurance plans. However, my services are covered by most insurance companies. Please contact your insurance plan representative prior to your first appointment to find out specifically what your outpatient coverage is for my services.

        If possible, consider paying for your therapy out-of-pocket with the therapist of your choice. Once you submit your insurance claim, your diagnosis will be recorded in your records with your carrier. Sometimes more detailed information about your life is required for your claim to be processed and paid by your insurance carrier. Private-pay therapists can protect your privacy much better than those on your insurance provider’s list due to the information staying between you and your therapist.

Helpful Forms

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