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Specialized Services

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is Energy Psychology (not psychotherapy)

        “The basic premise of the Emotional Freedom Technique is that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.” Gary Craig, founder of EFT. It is often described as emotional acupuncture without the needles because it is a tapping technique that works on the energy centers of the body. It is a very fast process that takes 1-2 minutes to do. You can download a free manual and watch a video at
www.eftuniverse.com. Prior to calling for an EFT appointment, it is of great value to read this manual completely and tap on the points shown in the diagram. Practice, practice, and practice on the issues you are concerned about. EFT can help with a variety of emotional and physical issues. It can also help with enhancing athletic performance. Try it on anything that is bothering you. The results may surprise you. After you get the basics down, then call for an appointment. I will help you fine-tune tapping to your needs. I can show you ways to do this technique in public places that will give you the privacy you need to address your own concerns. I can also help you with the wording and focus in on your specific challenges to make the work even more effective for you. Due to my advanced training in this technique, I can show you helpful ways to make it even more effective for you that go beyond those encountered in the free materials at www.eftuniverse.com. However, don’t underestimate what you can actually learn on your own from this amazing technique and the free manual. There are numerous articles, frequently asked questions, and many videos in this website that can help you tremendously if you will take the time and effort to practice. Generally, if you do your “ownwork” in advance with the above recommendations for reading and practice, 1-2 sessions of EFT will be enough to give you the skills needed to address your specific problems. Again, at the end of each meeting we will determine if you need or want another appointment. There is no obligation for additional work. All appointments are based on your needs, your desire to continue, and my assessment of what I can offer you that would be of value to you.

  • Stress Management using Guided Imagery (not psychotherapy)

       Everyone responds to stress differently. What causes uneasiness for some may be exciting to others. Studies have shown that many illnesses are related to unrelieved stress. You may need to address the ways you deal with stress. Changing your attitude is often difficult, and yet it is one of the most effective stress management tools. Remember you always have options even when it does not seem like you do. Make sure your self-talk is positive and treat yourself as nicely as you would a best friend. A one-hour stress management session may be your solution to coping more effectively in your life. A Guided Imagery relaxation session is custom-made for your individual stressors. Your challenges are turned into positive statements that empower you and help you cope. This process is easy, pleasurable, and gives immediate results.

  • Consulting (not psychotherapy)

       For the past 15 years, I have been working with Human Resource Departments in businesses to resolve conflicts in the workplace. Often there is a discrepancy between how management sees problems and how the rest of the staff views them. My main goal is for a win-win situation between the opposing sides. My work with the Human Resources director is often multiple-layered and may involve several aspects of the problems faced by the company. I work to settle conflicts between employees. I help resolve poor performance issues with individual employees. I work with managers helping them be more effective in their roles as leaders. I work to resolve conflicts between managers and the people who work on their team. It interests me to creatively solve work-related conflicts both small and large.
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